Tipping Etiquette

Mountain Climbing

There will be a few people that will accompany you on your mountain trek in order to help you make the most of your climb. You'll have a guide, a cook, and porters who will help carry your gear. Although they will never ask for a tip, these people depend on your tips for their livelihood so it is expected that you will give them a fair tip for their service to you.

Here are some recommended guidelines for tipping:

  • Guide: $20+ per day
  • Cook $7-15 per day (included in the number of porters)
  • Porters: $3-5 per day per porter

We do not recommend you paying any tips until you and your gear have descended the mountain - so don't tip while on your trek. You will probably end up pooling all the tips with the rest of the people in your group and then giving all the tips to your main guide who will then distribute the tips among the other mountain crew.


When on safari and staying at hotels and lodges, it would be fair to tip the staff for their services rendered. Here is a guideline you can follow:

  • Guide: $20+ per day
  • Waiters/Servers/Bartenders - 500-1000 shillings (per person)
  • Hotel porter - 500 shillings (per suitcase)
  • Taxi drivers - $5 per half day